September, 2011

Summer issue

By Karla Lortz

On August 11th, I boarded a plane and began a journey to South Africa for twelve days.  Four of those days would be spent flying.  I was excited to see the ericas in the wild, and the country I had heard was so beautiful.

South Africa did not disappoint.  It was far more stunning in natural beauty than I could have imagined. 

We decided to see the Western Cape and the famed Garden Route.  We also wanted to visit Kruger National Park where the animals of Africa roamed free. 

We were going in what was late winter there.  Leaves were just thinking of sprouting.  Most of the weather I experienced was very clear and

warm.  Just when it was starting to rain, we flew towards warmer Kruger. 

The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of the world’s six floral kingdoms.  It is also the one with the largest diversity of  species. 

Even during winter, there were ericas in bloom.  We began with scenic coastal Chapman’s Peak Drive.  There were blooming ericas mixed in the fynbos.  The shoreline was stunning. The previous day’s storm was just clearing out.  We were traveling along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on the Western Cape.

On the second day, we went to the penguin colony at Boulders Beach.  We went to Table Mountain to go up the gondolas.  They were closed due to gale force winds.  It was

Fall Meeting paradise lodge September 18th

We will be meeting for our fall meeting on Sunday, September 18th at 12 PM.  We will gather in the parking lot at Paradise Lodge on Mount Rainier.  We can observe Cassiope right there planted in the parking lot. 

Bring your lunch .  If time

permits, we might return via Ken Hutchins’ garden in Mossyrock. 

We have to form the final plans of the NAHS convention next summer.  The details need to go public now so folks can plan ahead.  Please be prepared to

lend a hand.  One person cannot plan the entire thing. 

Read the minutes on the back page for more information. 

Chapter of the North American Heather Society

Cascade Heather Society

Erica plukenetii var. penicillata


Below: Hout Bay


Erica coccinea at Kirstenbosch

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Directors Lloyd Eighme,

Holly Wilson


NAHS Chapter Rep Karla Lortz

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