MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS include an electronic subscription to the Heather News Quarterly, participation in Society meetings and elections; borrowing privileges for book library and slide programs; discounts from Storefront, some nurseries.


DUES NAHS: $15/year with electronic newsletter.


DETAILS Ella May T. Wulff, Membership Chair, 2299 Wooded Knolls Dr, Philomath, OR 97370-5908, USA, 541-929-6272,













The purpose of The Society is: (1) The advancement and knowledge of the botanical genera Calluna, Cassiope, Daboecia, Erica, and Phyllodoce, commonly called heather, and related genera; (2) The dissemination of information on heather; and (3) promotion of fellowship among those interested in heather.

North American

Heather Society

Heather garden in winter full of color.