For those of you with a sense of humor, this is a favorite part of our web site with some of our customers.  For those of you without one, we are SO sorry.


Where are the prices and how do I order? 


Click on On-line Catalog. Click on group of plants interested in.  You can either click on individual plant—this takes you to a multi list box or use multi list box on main page.  Scroll down and highlight the size desired, click. Next enter quantity wanted, click on “Order Now” button.  You are now in the secure cart.  If more than one of an item is desired, put in the correct number and click on “Update” button or the number will stay one.  Most plants are $5.99 for the 3 1/4 and 3 1/2” pots.  Most gallons are $10.75  including tall, short or square ones.  Specialty items that cost us more to get or grow, are priced differently.  We recycle pots so we have lots of different sizes, colors and shapes. 


Why can’t I see the photos?


Firefox doesn’t work well with our site.  Try Explorer or Safari.


Where is the hardiness information for each group—USDA Zones?


Go to the On-line Catalog page.  Scroll down PAST the Alphabetical Name List on the page.  There you will see the groups of different species.  Those links take you to that information and also the individual plants.  It is NOT in the Alphabetical Name List links. 


Do you have lots of all the plants available and in stock?


Yes and no.  Certain ones we have several hundred of.  Those are some of our most popular ones of course.  Many more we have only a handful of.  Why?  When you carry as many varieties as we do—nearly 900—you cannot carry hundreds of all of them.  The best way to get your hands on them is to order early.  We hold the orders until you need them.  Many customers order in the fall for spring shipping.  We will let you know if we are short on something.  You are also competing with parks, cities, universities, and landscapers for the plants.  They can empty entire plant lines for the year.  We also hold a lot of stock at suppliers until spring.  We don’t want to overwinter any more than what we grow ourselves.  So, some might not be here yet when you order.  Order yours early!


What size plants do you offer? How big are they?


3 1/4” to 4” pots are usually one year old plants. 

4 1/2” pots are two year old plants. 

Gallons are 2 or 3 years old.  

We do have 2, 3 and 5 gallon pots of limited varieties.  If you need to replace a large plant, ask.  We might just have it.  We don’t list too many on the web due to cost of shipping. 


The plants must be pruned every year.  So, you may get a tall plant or a freshly pruned shorter one.  Frankly, I get a bit cranky when people get upset if the plant has been trimmed.  It must be or it would be a tall scraggly thing that is not bushy, not saleable, and an ugly plant in the long run.  We have had people that refuse to buy the plants if they are short after trimming.  They believe the plant is inferior or younger or whatever.  They do grow. . . They are plants after all.  We prune a lot of plants over the winter so they grow properly in the spring into a bushy plant.  You might get a tall one in the summer and fall and a short one in the spring.  We have had people actually send us photos upset that they look different.  They want those tall ones back.  We ask that you think about this before you pick up the phone and take my time to ask about size of the plants in the pot you will be getting.  Some are naturally tall plants before pruning and some are naturally miniature in stature.  Large kinds spill over the pots and miniatures can take a few years to hit the edges.  Therefore, they will be different sizes in the pots.  We trim back some that spill over back to the edge of the pot.  This is necessary.  We have hundreds of varieties potted at various times of the year in various stages of growth.  I will not be going out to get a ruler and measure them for you.  I will not count the number of stems a plant has for you.  I do not have time for this!  You may get some from one supplier and then different ones from another.  They might not look identical in size and shape.  Remember, they will grow.  If I believe something is too small, I will either not ship it or ask you if you still want it or discount the price. 


What are your hours, and can I come out and pick up my plants?


Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM to 3 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME for mail order.  We can NOT always answer the phone!  Try e-mail or order on-line.  Retail hours & location! Please check this link before driving out as hours & location are different than mail orderRetail nursery hours are on a select few Saturdays during the fall, winter and spring and by special appointment.  Hours are 10 AM—1 PM when we are open.  Yes, you can place and order to be picked up on the dates we are open or by special appointment.  Appointments are usually later in the week after 1 PM due to our shipping schedule.  Don’t call and yell at me if you drove out when we are not open and found a locked gate.  Check before you drive out.


What is the difference between a heath and a heather?


The simple explanation is that heaths have needles and heathers have scaly foliage.  Heath encompasses the genus erica that includes many different groups from summer to winter bloomers, for example:  Erica tetralix, E. xwatsonii, E. carnea, etc.  True heathers are the Calluna vulgaris.  Heaths and Heathers are very generic terms. Some heath labels say heather on them.


What are your personal favorites? The List


The list is overwhelming - how do I choose what's right for my area?


We offer collections for just that reason.  We can choose for you what should grow in your area.  If you need to know your USDA Zone click on the link.


If I send a drawing of my garden, can you design it?


Unfortunately, we simply don't have the time.  Tell us the number of plants you need with some guidelines, and we can pick them out for you. It is very easy for us to pick a year around color garden for you no matter the number of plants.  We don’t need a drawing or photo.


How do I calculate how many plants to put in  an area?


The general formula is:  length x width (area) divided by two.  Spacing is about 2 feet apart on center.  I would even say go to 2 1/2’ to 3’ apart. Experts say that odd numbers look best overall.  Keep in mind that many get much larger with time.


When is the best time to plant heather?


Fall is the ideal planting time for being established by next  summer.  In milder climates you can plant all year - if you can get a shovel in the ground you can plant.  Those planted in spring and later do fine, but need more frequent watering during summer to survive.  In USDA Zones 4 & 5, spring planting can be safer considering possible cold damage to a new planting planted in the fall.  Weather has become unpredictable now, so we recommend the Northern Tier states and East plant in the spring now.  Late May and June planting is too late in the warmer climates.  Summer is too hot to plant and the fatality rate skyrockets, so we are closed.  


How are the plants shipped?


They are individually wrapped in newspaper with the pots still on and placed on their sides in boxes.  They travel just fine.  More on shipping costs.


By which carrier do you ship?


We ship FedEx and USPS.  For those in the East, we recommend shipping US Priority Flat Rate.  It is cheap and fast.  If you choose cheaper FedEx Ground, they will arrive on Saturday if shipped on Monday.  Those choosing Ground shipping over Priority do so at their own risk.  In warmer to hot weather, this can be a risk.  In cooler weather, it is usually no problem.  It is your decision. 

More on shipping costs.



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