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Regional Care Data

Clockwise:  Golden is Erica cinerea 'Constance’, top is Erica vagans ‘Pyrenees Pink’, far right is Erica vagans ‘Mrs. D. F. Maxwell’  (picture above right)


We have found that Erica vagans perform well in shade.  These get only a few hours of sunlight per day.  The golden Erica cinerea blooms and grows poorly in this situation compared to sunnier sites.  Its foliage color stays lime green in shade rather than turning its bright golden color in summer.

Growing Heather in Cold Climates

This is written by Donald Mackay former president of the North American Heather Society and Editor of their bulletin. 


Growing Heather in Canada

This is by Barrie Porteous in Muskoka, Canada with observations on growing heather in a cold climate. 


Deer & Heather

Our experiences with browsing, trampling pesky deer. 


Growing Heather in the Hot Interior of California

Customer recommendations about how to water your heather in hot, dry climates. 


The Heather Specialists

Regional Care Data