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January 7, 2017


One of my favorite colorful winter foliage heathers is Calluna vulgaris ‘Dart’s Flamboyant’. It has always done well for us in our display garden over the years. It turns bright orange to red colors during winter.


It is one of the more compact growers in the group. Our 5 year size was 11” tall by 30” wide. It is rated hardy to USDA Zone 4.


The flower color is mauve, as are most in the orange to red colored foliage group. It flowers from July through September.  The summer foliage is yellow in color.


It has not suffered from summer or winter burn yet on our 13 year old plants. The coldest it has seen is 5 F and the hottest is 103 F. Our garden is a USDA Zone 7.


Remember to place your heaths and heathers that turn colors in the winter in the sunniest exposure in your winter garden. They need to direct sun to attain those colors. If they do not get enough sun, they stay chartreuse or a more pale color.


The link below takes you to its page.


’Dart’s Flamboyant’

The Heather Specialists


January 8, 2017


If you are looking for both colorful winter foliage and winter flowers, Erica x darleyensis ‘Mary Helen’ might be the plant for you. There are several winter to spring blooming erica with colorful winter foliage.


‘Mary Helen’ is gold-green during summer. As the leaves being to turn in the fall, this one begins to gradually turn orange.


Erica x darleyensis are hardy to USDA Zone 5. There are essentially three main winter to spring blooming heaths. This one is the hybrid of the other two which are the short  Erica carnea and the tall Erica erigena. Erica x darleyensis ends up being a combination of both and right in the middle for both height and hardiness.


‘Mary Helen’ is one of the shorter in the group. The flowers are pink and start around February and continue through April. This varies by climate and yearly conditions. The size of ours in the display garden in five years was 11” tall by 34” wide.


The link below takes you to its page.


‘Mary Helen’