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We offer hundreds of new, rare and unusual varieties of heaths and heathers by mail order.

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We have built the equivalent of a national collection of heather here open to the public.  There are over 800 cultivars in this 3/4 of an acre planting.


Have a look at the heather display garden in the making a few years back at our retail location.  There are currently 2,000 plus plants in the ground.


The Building of a Display Garden

USDA Compliance Agreement


for Sudden Oak Death or Phytophthora ramorum. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. including California.

The Heather Specialists

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On-line Catalog


Display garden open for sales from Retail Nursery by appointment only.  Come talk to the expert.  You can make appointments to buy plants over the summer when we are closed for shipping, if we are available.


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We ship plants from September through June 15th.  We start shipping early September or when weather allows.