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Find new offerings this year highlighted in red on the Alphabetical Name database.†† There are several new offerings this year.† We are delighted to see some additions with colorful foliage to the Erica carnea and Erica x darleyensis.† Thanks to a helpful suggestion from one of our customers, we will list the Sold Out plants in variety name order rather than by species.† We forget you donít know the species off the top of your head!††


We also use recycled pots from the community.† We are doing everything we can to have no impact on the waterways we drain directly into which are Puget Sound, a few hundred feet from a salmon stream on our Cove, and Spencer Lake.† We ship in used and recycled boxes unless using the Postal Service boxes.


Speaking of Postal Service boxes, we have to take some plants out of their pots and wrap them in plastic to shut the Priority Flat Rate boxes properly.† The Postal Service charges and extra $40 or so if they are not perfectly flat.† Donít get us started on that insanity!



The Heather Specialists


We offer hundreds of new, rare and unusual varieties of heaths and heathers by mail order.

We have built the equivalent of a national collection of heather here open to the public.† There are over 800 cultivars in this 3/4 of an acre planting.


Have a look at the heather display garden in the making a few years back at our retail location.† There are currently 2,000 plus plants in the ground.


The Building of a Display Garden

USDA Compliance Agreement


for Sudden Oak Death or Phytophthora ramorum. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. including California.

The Heather Specialists

Heaths & Heathers



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Display garden open for viewing and sales from Retail Nursery by appointment only on September 12, 26, 2015.† Come talk to the experts and see mature plants in the garden.


The Sold Out List


We ship plants all year from September† through June 15th.We start shipping early September or when weather allows.