The Heather Specialists


The U.S. Postal Service has come up with a winner. 

If you are in Western Washington and Oregon, 12 small pots only cost $8.00 to ship! This is using a Priority Mail Region B box. This perfect for our Color All Year Collection of 12 plants.

For those in the East and South, the U.S Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box holds 9 small pots and costs $12.80 up to 15 pounds.  This compares with $20+ for normal Priority Mail or over $25 FedEx 2nd Day Air.  Priority Mail arrives in two or sometimes three days if things are moving slowly. 

Local orders larger than 12 plants on the West Coast may be cheaper to send FedEx Ground and arrive in a day or two. We compare and ship the cheapest way. 

We can fit our 9 plant collections or any 9 small pots in these boxes too.  This is a tremendous savings in shipping for the Midwest and East Coast. We have also  made a 16 plant collection for the Large Priority Mail box.

The Large Flat Rate box costs $17.60.  We can put up to 16 small pots in there.  This is a huge savings over regular Priority Mail prices if you live in the East and South, and express services by other carriers.  We can put in a few gallons and more of the 4 1/2” pots.  We can also fit in three 4 1/2” pots and one gallon pot. 

The only problem we have come across is if you order 30 plants, you get 3 free Bonus Plants.  We can only fit a total of 32 plants in the two Flat Rate boxes.  Some customers have chosen to sacrifice the extra free one or shipping gets too costly for that extra Priority Mail box.  


We might have to remove and wrap a few pots in shrink wrap to make it all fit.


The shopping cart will not show this option as it cannot compute it.  Pick Priority Mail if you are ordering a collection with the Flat Rate price included already. Ignore the rate the cart assesses for the shipping.  You have to trust us on this one.  If we can fit it into the Flat Rate box for a cheaper rate, we will.  The shopping cart will not reflect this cheaper rate, but you will see it on your final invoice in the box and in an e-mail invoice at time of shipping.  We have also been shipping multiples of plants in several Flat Rate boxes if it is cheaper than other chosen options.  You can also mention in the “Comments” or “Instructions” box on the order form that you want us to use the U.S. Priority Flat Rate box. We will anyway. . . .unless you tell us you want FedEx. The cart gives the UPS option, but we do not use UPS any longer. We use FedEx or the US Postal Service only.


Remember, the cart does NOT charge your credit card when you order. We do not charge the card until the order is packed and ready to ship.  The cart is not in control—we are!

NOTE:  All orders are charged a $3.00 packing fee to help offset this labor intensive task, and the box we buy to pack it intoThis fee has not changed since 1995.