Heaths and Heathers is a small nursery dedicated to providing gardeners with hundreds of varieties of heather.  We ship plants to all 50 states.  They are a very versatile and hardy group of plants. 


One of our goals is to raise our plants in an environmentally responsible way. Our nursery is perched on the edge of beautiful Puget Sound on Harstine Island in the state of Washington and right across from Spencer Lake, Washington. We recycle pots and are converting to Tacoma’s Tagro mix of Class A composted municipal waste. No peat moss is used with this mix and very little fertilizer. 


We ship our plants in recycled and surplus boxes.  We feel there is no reason to buy a new box with a fancy logo just to ship plants in.  This also help us keep the cost of our plants quite reasonable.  The plants are wrapped in our neighborhood’s newspapers.


Hours Monday-Friday 9AM-3PM PST for mail order. Our phone is 360-427-5318 or 800-294-3284.  We answer when we can and are bad at returning messages during busy season.  Check this link for the display garden days and hours open—not the same! To contact us by e-mail please use: handh@heathsandheathers.com or if having trouble with that heathernursery@yahoo.com.

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The Heather Specialists

A Bit About Us

This was our pet Muscovy duck Tas, short for Tasmanian Devil.  She strolled  through, around and on top of the heather in the garden searching for slugs. The slugs don't eat heather nor its flowers but just hang out underneath.

If you hear barking in the background when you call—these are the culpritsCoffi Bean and Bryn the mini dachshunds. We lost our old girl Molly, the black one. They are an irrepressible group of barkers that keep the critters out of our heather pots.  These girls are so short they never step on a pot!  They run with wild abandon through green-houses and display garden hunting moles, voles, squirrels, chipmunks  and snakes. 

We have one of the largest varieties of heather collections available in the world. Our personal collection boasts over 900 different cultivars.

Gardeners can choose from these hundreds of varieties to provide color in the garden the entire year - even during the darkest and dreariest days of winter. Heather has a tremendous range of foliage and flower color. Many heathers bloom for several months. Some offer colorful foliage during the winter. On others, the new growth tips are very colorful during late winter and spring.

Heaths and heathers range from nearly flat as a pancake to pincushion size to tree heaths. Most are very hardy and are growing in nearly every state in the union. They take
minimum care and are drought tolerant once established. Prime time to see the display garden is mid August and early to mid March.


The Heather Specialists

A Bit About US