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Heaths & Heathers

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The Heather Specialists

This is a collection of 6 different gallons our choice that should give you color all year.   We will pick cultivars suitable for your area. 


We choose 3 winter and 3 summer bloomers.  If the customer lives in deep snow country, you can request all summer bloomers.  We note the Zone the customer lives in and pick the plants accordingly.  If you have any questions regarding  the selection, please call or email before or after placing the order or use the ‘Comments’ box in the order form at check out.


Gallons vary so much in weight and size that we will charge you the cost of shipping when we weigh the packed boxes.  You can estimate that the cost of shipping will add $1-$5 to each plant depending on your zone.  We recommend FedEx Ground on all gallon shipments.  3rd Day to the East Coast adds $3-$5 per gallon.  The online order form will show a shipping charge on your order – this is a guesstimate.  The actual charge may be higher or lower by a few dollars.  Even with our shipping charges, our gallons are very reasonable in price – shop around. 


6 – Gallon pots $60.00 plus shipping.    Save $4.50.  Weight is approx. 21#




This is an example of a gallon starter collection you might receive of 6 different cultivars. 

Note:  We do not charge your card until the order is packed and ready to ship.  There is a $3.00 packing fee on all orders shipped.

6 Gallon Pots $60.00