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Heaths & Heathers

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The Heather Specialists

This group is designed to perform well and survive in Zone 4 climates and even colder.  We pick proven performers that even do well in Sweden.   They will all bloom in the summer.  These need acid soil!


You get 12 different varieties our choice.  They might be all Calluna vulgaris or also have some ericas mixed in.  If you are in deep snow country, there is no point in giving you winter blooming heaths.  If you want winter/spring blooming heaths and live in Zone 4, order the Color All Year Collection.



12 – 3 1/4” pots for $68.00 plus shipping.  Save $3.88.  Weight is approx. 10#.


East Coast, we can ship one large US Priority Flat Rate for $17.10. W WA and OR $6.61 for US Priority Flat Rate B Box. Others West will send cheapest route which may be FedEx Ground.


NOTE: IGNORE CART ASSESSED SHIPPING. Your card will not be charged additional shipping.  The cart cannot figure flat rate shipping. Do NOT worry—we are in control and will change it to the proper amount. 

Note:  We do not charge your card until the order is packed and ready to ship.  There is a $3.00 packing fee on all orders shipped.

12 - 3 1/4" Pots $68