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Heaths & Heathers

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The Heather Specialists

Our choice of 6 different cultivars.  We will try to pick for year around flowering or color.  


This pot size is 2 year old plants. They are the same age as most gallons but about 2 lbs lighter to ship. The tops are a bit smaller than a gallon but not by much. We create this size so a larger and older plant is affordable to ship across the country and you are not paying so much to ship dirt!


We choose 3 winter and 3 summer bloomers.  If the customer lives in deep snow country, you can request all summer bloomers.  We note the Zone the customer lives in and pick the plants accordingly.  If you have any questions regarding  the selection, please call or email before or after placing the order or use the ‘Comments’ box in the order form at check out.


Going East we can fit 6 per US Priority Flat Rate Box for $17.10.


West will go cheaper FedEx Ground.


64 1/2” pots $42 plus shipping.  Save $1.50.  Weight is approx. 11#.


NOTE: IGNORE CART ASSESSED SHIPPING. Your card will not be charged additional shipping.  The cart cannot figure flat rate shipping. Do NOT worry—we are in control and will change it to the proper amount. 

Note:  We do not charge your card until the order is packed and ready to ship.  There is a $3.00 packing fee on all orders shipped.

Examples of 4 1/2” Calluna vulgaris ‘Firefly’ and ‘H.E. Beale’