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Gift Certificates

The Heather Specialists

We have Gift Certificates available.  If you are giving a gift in the winter or summer, it is a better idea in certain climates to ship at a different time.  Gift Certificates answer that problem. 


If you enter “Other” amount, we get the custom amount you type in and will apply that amount to the Gift Certificate. However, it will show $25 in the official amount at checkout in the cart. We will manually adjust it to the proper amount.


In the instruction part of the order form when you check out, just indicate the name you want on the Gift Certificate.  We can either ship it to you or the recipient.  You can also put the recipient name and address in the shipping address.  If you want it sent by email to the recipient, let us know in the instructions part of the cart. Also, contact us at


Just let us know, and we will confirm by email with you. 


Ignore any handling charges the cart applies.  We cannot stop it from doing so.  We will not apply that charge.

Choose $ Amount ("Other" will register as $25 when checking out. We will adjust amount manually)
Gift Certificate:
Gift Certificate $50
Gift Certificate $75
Gift Certificate $100