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This shrub is found in western Ireland, western France and northern Iberia. They are glossy leaved and have the largest leaves and flowers of all the heaths and heathers.  The leaves are white on the underside.  With the exception of one double, these are the only heaths whose flowers fall off when finished blooming.  They do like acid soil.  These are natural bog plants which grow to about two feet tall and can tolerate moist soil. 


They are hardy to Zone 6 (-10 degrees) with protection and warmer.  We recommend Zone 7 and warmer.  They can suffer winter damage if hit by severe early or late frosts. 


These bloom for us for over five months with two major flushes in early summer and fall.  This year they bloomed until nearly Christmas until a very hard frost. 


Dabocia x scotica


This is a hybrid between Daboecia azorica and Daboecia cantabrica.  The result is a compact shrub that blooms continuously between June and November. Zone and culture is the same as above. 


Dabocia azorica


This is a small evergreen shrub from the Azores. They are not as hardy as the other daboecia. We have lost them at 5F in the Pacific Northwest.