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To order, click on a group of plants below. Follow the links to the desired plant.  Click on the order button.


Prices—most 3 1/4” pots $5.99; 4 1/2” pots $8.50, gallons $10.75. Some specialty items are higher priced.  Get free Bonus Plants for volume purchases over 20 plants! Note: Cart limit is 25 items, weight limit 150# —can submit more than one order for 1 shipment.  We combine them.  


You can email an order without a credit card number (not secure in email) if picking up at nursery.


On the "Instructions" part of check-out, you may specify a ship date or other comments. 


Cheap U.S. Priority Mail Flat Rate box shipping option. (Click on link.)


Western WA & OR we can put 12 pots in box for $8.06!


Shipping up to 9 small pots or less very cheap gong East and fast only $13.20.  Less than half the cost of 2nd Day Air and just as fast! 


Large Flat Rate box is $18.30, and we can fit in up to 16 small pots or a few gallons.


Very large orders can be shipped Delta Air to an airport.

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This explains warranties, etc. before you Order.

Shipping Rates:

US Priority Flat Rate Region B for WA & OR holds 12 plants and costs $8. Region A Box holds 6 plants and costs $7.60-$8.


US Priority Flat Rate East for $12.80 up 9 small pots or $17.60 for up to 16—3 1/2” pots or 6—4 1/2” pots—arrives in 2-3 days.


The cart cannot compute how many pots per box. So, the rate may not come out correctly on the cart. We will adjust it manually.


Remember, we do NOT charge your credit card until the plants are packed and in the boxes.


There is a $3 packing fee added to each invoice that the cart includes in your shipping cost. We itemize it out on the invoice.


Note: more exact rates for FedEx Ground and options are applied at check out.
West of the Rockies:
10-25% cost of plants
East of the Rockies:
15-20% FedEx Ground (4-5 days)We do NOT guarantee condition of plants if you choose Ground going East nor US Parcel Post. This is at your risk. 


We use FedEx Ground for shipping more than 2 gallons.

The Heather Specialists

On-line Catalog



Please check this Sold Out List!   


Price List Availability by Species Name A-Z

Price List Availability by Cultivar Name A-Z




Sold Out heathers are listed in red with S/O plants on the Availability A-Z lists. CHECK THE SOLD OUT LIST BEFORE ORDERING SO AS TO NOT DELAY YOUR ORDER.


We do NOT, I repeat, do NOT charge your credit card until your order is shipped out. Don’t call and demand your money back if your order is not shipped if things are sold out. We never had your money to begin with. If we hold your plants for spring shipping, YOUR CARD IS NOT CHARGED AT THE TIME YOU ORDER—ONLY WHEN SHIPPED. That way, we won’t need to adjust the amount your card is charged—ever.


The Cart CANNOT compute proper shipping rates if going US Priority Flat Rate. IGNORE what the Cart assesses you. We charge the correct amount when we ship it out which is usually much cheaper. YOUR CARD IS NOT CHARGED AT THE TIME YOU ORDER—ONLY WHEN SHIPPED.


If a plant is does not have a button to order, it is not available at this time. A few items are around that there are one or two of but not listed. You can ask if we have something if you wish. I just might have a few!


We are still caring for my elderly mother with dementia, so my nursery time is more limited. Have patience. I am doing the very best I can for you!!


Thank you and happy planting,  Karla Lortz


Phone: 360-427-5318, if you want to order by phone. If it is easier on you if you have a large order, have questions or the cart is slow or giving you trouble,  go ahead and call it in.  Hours are 10:00 AM—3PM PST for mail order.  You have to make an appointment to visit the nursery as it is not open. Call again if you don’t get me. 


I am bad at returning calls due to not enough time.  Our voice mail is always full.  I am much better at e-mail as I can do that late at  night. (I am one person wearing many hats. The return call hat has been lost!) 9 out of 10 calls are maddening junk calls, so I often simply do not answer if my hands are in the dirt!


All orders are charged a $3 packing fee on the final invoice to help offset the costs.   This fee has not changed since 1995.




handh@heathsandheathers.com, heathernursery@yahoo.com


Click on the ‘Cultivar’ name to get to the page with an order button with photos and a more complete description of the plants.


Price List Availability by Species A-Z

Price List Availability by Cultivar Name A-Z


If a page has no order button, it is not available this year.


The Alphabetical list is by cultivar name (‘Arthur Johnson’). Species list by each species (Calluna vulgaris).


Don’t forget to go to the Z’s and see what is at the end of the list.  Most never get past the C’s which is a real shame. 


Hardiness, USDA Zones and soil pH information are below in the plant groups—NOT in the above Alphabetical Name List.  You can also order and find the plants below to see what is in each group.  The Alphabetical Name List will give you the group to go to below.


If this list overwhelms you, consider ordering a Collection where we pick out what should work for you.


The cheapest prices we offer are in the Collections. We custom choose each one for you and your soil, climate and Zone.

Bonus Plants—You get bulk buying discounts by ordering Bonus Plants.  You buy 20 of the 3 1/4” pots, you get 2 more for free, 30 then 3 for free, etc.  Click link for details.

Best prices are in the collection Big 48 Priority.


We ship September through June 10th.  Yes, we can ship to all 50 states including California. 


Display garden open for sales from Retail Nursery by appointment only.  Come talk to the expert. 






CLOSED until early September!

Will post new crop by end of August.

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Alphabetical Name List A-Z 

List in order of variety names.  Species groups are below. 

Gift Certificates

Andromeda polifolia

This group has been adopted by The English Heather Society

Calluna vulgaris

The true heathers.  This tough group has hundreds of cultivars.


Native mountain heather—hard to find


We can choose your plants for you at a discounted price.  Check out US Priority Flat rate shipping deal!


The largest flowers of the heaths and heathers.

Empetrum nigrum

Crowberry, native to PNW, also have rubum

Erica hybrids & species

South African Cape Heaths

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 20-28 F

Erica arborea

Tree heaths

Erica x arendsiana

3’ hybrid of E. cinerea and E. terminalis

Erica australis

Tree heaths

Erica caffra

South African Cape Heaths

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 28 F

Erica carnea

Very hardy winter bloomers, alkaline tolerant and easy to grow

Erica ciliaris

Large pitcher shaped blossoms

Erica cinerea

Flashy beautiful summer flowers

Erica cruenta

South African Cape Heaths

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 28 F

Erica curviflora

South African Cape Heaths

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 28 F

Erica curvifolia

South African Cape Heaths

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 28 F

Erica x darleyensis

Long winter and spring flowers, alkaline tolerant and easy to grow

Erica erigena

Some in this group are very tall and the flowers exquisite

Erica formosa

South African Cape Heaths

hardy to 20-28 F

Erica x garforthensis 

Cross of E. tetralix and E. manipuliflora

Erica glandulosa

South African Cape Heaths

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 28 F

Erica x griffithsii

Tall and fragrant. 

Erica x krameri

Cross between E. carnea and E. spiculifolia.

Erica lusitanica

Tree heaths

Erica mackayana

A unique and hard to find group

Erica manipuliflora

Some have scented flowers

Erica scoparia

Very rare, tiny flowers

Erica speciosa

South African Cape Heath

Rare, spectacular Hummingbird Heaths hardy to 28 F

Erica spiculifolia

The hardiest heath there is – formerly Bruckenthalia spiculifolia

Erica spiculifolia x bergiana
This shrub is almost always in bloom here.

Erica x stuartii

This group has superb spring tip color

Erica terminalis

Summer blooming tree heaths

Erica tetralix

Most of this group has silver gray foliage

Erica umbellata

Beautiful, rare species from Spain and Portugal region.

Erica vagans

Handsome plants, alkaline tolerant and easy to grow

Erica x veitchii

Tree heaths

Erica x watsonii

This group has good spring tip color

Erica x williamsii

These shrubs have golden spring tip color


Choice rock garden plant that is a Phyllodoce x


Very rare, hard to find mountain heathers of the Western U.S.