This is a new name for a recently created hybrid from Erica spiculifolia

pollinated by E. bergiana. It is new enough to still be gathering data

on its performance. It has needled foliage similar to Erica spiculifolia only the needles are longer. It is bushy and upright. Its flowers are reminiscent of E. spiculifolia in color and the way it holds the flowers. The one amazing thing about this plant is that it seems to always be in bloom. It has flushes when it is entirely in bloom, but some part of this plant is usually in bloom all year. A severe (for us) cold snap in December killed the flowers one year but it started up again in spring. We know it grows in acid soil, not sure about alkaline. Feedback is emerging from the East Coast of the U.S. and the U.K. that is appearing to be very hardy. We have reports that it was the only undamaged plant in the harsh winter of 2004 in some gardens.


Hardy to at least Zone 7 (0 degrees) and warmer. We think it must be much hardier with its Erica spiculifolia blood. If you purchase this plant, please let us know how it performs for you!


Flower Color

Time of

Height and Width
in approx. 4 yrs





Edewecht Blush*

pale shell pink


12 x 12

medium green



E. spiculfifolia x bergiana,

E. x bergiana